System Scaffold

Here at Crimson Insulation, we primarily use system scaffold and tube and clamp braces. This is due to it’s wide variety of applications, quick set-up and tear-down times, as well as its large number of tie-off points, allowing for much easier 100% tie-off. Using this system scaffold we can provide many different designs to match your needs. Our scaffold systems can be used for commercial or industrial projects as needed. A few examples of what we do are detailed below.

Stair Towers

Stair towers scaffolds are one of the most convenient ways of accessing elevated areas that do not have an accessible staircase. We erect our stair towers with guard rails and landing platforms to ensure safety and ease of use, allowing for tools and materials to be carried up the stair tower without additional inconvenience.

Dance Floors/Overhead Access

Dance floor scaffolds are large platforms designed to give access to difficult-to-reach elevated areas, especially overhead projects such as underneath bridges or near ceilings, as well as any other elevated overhead work. These platforms are usually designed to allow for multiple workers at once, unlike stair towers, which allows for more workers to access the work area.

Wall Access

Wall access scaffolds are generally erected to cover the width and height of the wall that must be accessed, with multiple floors based on access needs. These are designed on an as-needed basis, in order to fit the requirements of each project. These scaffolds can either be accessed via ladder, or an additional stair tower can be attached as well.

Boiler Tank

Boiler tank scaffolds may be erected in the interior or around the exterior of a boiler to allow access to any points needed on the inside or outside of a boiler. Our specialists have confined space training in order to be able to erect a scaffold anywhere needed.